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Using unicode characters in Windows command line

(Diary of an Old AI Researcher who is still Programming)

30 March 2019

As I have written in "Using Python on Windows", I have recently begun to use a light Windows laptop instead of MacBook Air during my business trip.

Even during my business trip, I want to enjoy programming.
My MacBook Air has had enough development environment but my Windows laptop has only partial environment. So, I have decided to use the environment in my main machine in my office through VPN connection.
When I do this with the MacBook Air, I have no problem,
BUT, you know, with the Windows laptop, Oh là là !

Surprisingly, the default character code in Japanese Windows command line is still Shift-JIS !

I have searched in the internet and have found that I can change the character code setting in Windows command line by the command `CHCP'.

chcp 65001
will change the character code to UTF-8.
(To return to Shift-JIS, chcp 932.)

Moreover, I have found that I should set the bash environment variable `LANG' on the remote machine to `ja_JP.UTF-8'.

Well, any way, these settings seem to work.

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