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Unicode decode error "'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xfa in position 0: invalid start byte" when using MeCab

(Diary of an Old Professor who is still Programming)

14 May 2019

I am using mecab-python3 - morphological analyzer for Japanese text.

I do not know why but mecab-python3 sometimes causes the error "'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xfa in position 0: invalid start byte".

Searching on internet, I have found no answer about the cause of the error, but some people say that we can avoid this error by parsing a null string before carrying out parsing tasks.
I have tried this workaround and have found this certainly works.

Here is an example:

import MeCab

def extractNouns(text):
    tagger = MeCab.Tagger()
    normallyprocessed = True

    # No one seems to know why this works,
    # but this tagger.parse("") can avoid the unicode decoding error
    # in the following parsing.
    node = tagger.parseToNode(text)
    keywords = []
    while node:
            word = node.surface
        except Exception as e:
            print('parsing error occured but ignored')
            normallyprocessed = False
        if normallyprocessed and word.isalpha():
            meta = node.feature.split(",")
            if meta[0] == '名詞':
        node = node.next
        normallyprocessed = True
    return keywords

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